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About Us

eAJARcom is a digital application that provides a range of electronic solutions to enhance and organize the rental sector. It allows both tenants and landlords to manage their properties, facilitate financial transactions, and automate the rental process

Through Us

  • Tenants can log in, access their personal accounts, monitor rent payments, and manage important contract-related tasks. Additionally, they can track payment due dates and receive essential notifications related to the rental process.
  • As for landlords, they can create accounts, manage rental agreements, and communicate with tenants easily. The website also offers tools to track payments and generate financial reports and property-related statistics.

Our Services

Connecting tenants and landlords for property rentals

Connecting tenants and landlords for property rentals: we provide a platform for easy and accessible search of rentals

Property management

We provide the convenience of viewing the property before renting

Service providers

We provide you with a set of services that can be rented daily